Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tracfone Releases Black Friday deals

Tracfone is offering some amazing Black Friday deals for the next 6 days! Products include a Motorola W376 with Double Minutes for Life, a 60 minute card, and free overnight shipping.

There's a lot of other phone packages on their site that have been reduced by $10-$20, so now is a good time to buy a tracfone! These are the best prices you are going to see on their phones for awhile.

You can read more about their Black Friday Deals at my favorite cheap prepaid phones blog.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

DMFL Cards for 24.99!!

Many Wal-Marts currently have the double minutes for life cards for only $24.99. The double minute for life cards are awesome because every time you add minutes to your account, you get twice as many minutes as are on the card.

The card is usually 50 bucks, so your saving 25 bucks and you are going to get so many free minutes from adding this card to your account. Once activating this card, you will never need to buy another double minutes for life card!

View more Tracfone Promotions.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Tracfone activation – promo codes

If you are new to Tracfone or are about to activate you new prepaid cell , wait before you activate. You can get promo codess from this site, promo codes allow you to get additional minutes for FREE.. Activation of the code could you up to 60 free minute, not all promo codes will work but don’t give up!

20 bonus minutes when you buy a 100-minute card. Use promotional codes: 51206, 56024, 52636 or 56084 at addition.

30 bonus minutes when you buy a 200-minute card. Use promotional codes: 53105, 51263, 53714 or 51683 at addition.

50 bonus minutes when you buy a 400-minute card. Use promotional codes: 57659, 51650, 55335 or 53349 at addition.

100 bonus minutes when you buy a 1 year prepaid wireless service card. Use promotional code: 55778 at addition.

100 bonus minutes when you buy a Double Minute prepaid plan card. Use promotional code: 55463 at addition.

Finally, remember that you get 100 free minutes when you activate any new or reconditioned. phone by participating in the TracFone refer-a-friend program

Monday, July 2, 2007

Various Tracfone Promotional Codes

Here are some various Tracfone codes, the expiration dates are unknown.Some codes are working and others are not, but here are a bunch of bonus codes that you can try.Most of them should be in working order if not just move on to the next one.

60 Minute Card or higher for Extra Minutes
55698 for 50 Minutes--worked 5/1/2007--58094 for 60 minutes

60 Minute Cards or higher for extra Activation Time
57676 for 30 to 90 days extra days -seems to be randomly extra

120 unit Cards or higher
58094 for 60 minutes
52094 for 40 minutes
250 unit Card
54671 for 100 minutes
56471 for 100 minutes
57660 for 250 Minutes

1 Year Service card
59626 for 250 Minutes
58695 for 250 minutes
57660 for 250 minutes
52834 for 250 minutes

58695 for 200 minutes new 5/2/2007
50809 for 200 minutes
55094 for 100 minutes

Double Auto Prepay
50974 for 30 minutes extra per month

1 Year Activation Card
50809 for 200 Minutes

One Year Tracfone Doubler Card
55964 for 200 minutes
50809 for 200 minutes

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tracfone Promotional Code

I recently came across a tracfone promotional code that was given to me by a friend working at trackphone. The promo code is "e20076", though I wasn't given an expiration date for the promo code. I'm not sure exactly how promotional codes are used by tracfone, but it should get you an additional 40 units when you use a tracfone card on your account!

Free Ringtones

Getting free ringtones for a tracfone is easy. There are several popular methods for getting free ringtones and ringing tones.

An easy way to get a free ringer is to receive a promotion in the mail or as a text message on your phone, though that rarely happens, so we won't discuss that option.

The best way to get ringtones is to use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer, and download the ringtones straight to your phone. There are many sites to get free ringtones from, and depending on your phone, you may be able to use a full song as your ringer.

If you have web browsing on your phone, you can upload the files to a site such as putfile.com. This will allow you to download ringtones on your phone for free, without a data cable. Simply upload your ringtone to putfile, and then type the URL putfile gives you into your phones browser. Your phone shouldnt prompt you to download and store the file in your ringtones folder.

You could also try looking at the numerous free ringtone sites that offer to send ringtones to your phone. They are a dime a dozen, and it is hard to find a reputable ringer site, but the thing to remember is to cancel your subscription after you are sent your "1" free ringtone, in order to keep your credit card from being charged further!

Tracphone free minute codes

Tracphone, unlike the other prepaid providers, really don't put out that many promotions. On occasion, you can find some great deals at walmart for extra minutes for free.

No promotion code is necessary, just keep an eye out for package deals at your local walmarts. I've seen promo's and coupons for "Buy 120 units, get 50 free" and similar advertisements!