Monday, July 2, 2007

Various Tracfone Promotional Codes

Here are some various Tracfone codes, the expiration dates are unknown.Some codes are working and others are not, but here are a bunch of bonus codes that you can try.Most of them should be in working order if not just move on to the next one.

60 Minute Card or higher for Extra Minutes
55698 for 50 Minutes--worked 5/1/2007--58094 for 60 minutes

60 Minute Cards or higher for extra Activation Time
57676 for 30 to 90 days extra days -seems to be randomly extra

120 unit Cards or higher
58094 for 60 minutes
52094 for 40 minutes
250 unit Card
54671 for 100 minutes
56471 for 100 minutes
57660 for 250 Minutes

1 Year Service card
59626 for 250 Minutes
58695 for 250 minutes
57660 for 250 minutes
52834 for 250 minutes

58695 for 200 minutes new 5/2/2007
50809 for 200 minutes
55094 for 100 minutes

Double Auto Prepay
50974 for 30 minutes extra per month

1 Year Activation Card
50809 for 200 Minutes

One Year Tracfone Doubler Card
55964 for 200 minutes
50809 for 200 minutes


Jose said...

Code 50809 added 50 minutes to the year doubler card on 8/1/2007.

General George said...

Code 55698 added 50 bonus units to a storebought 60 minute card on 8/19/2007. Yeah!

General George said...

Code 58094 only added 30 bonus minutes to my 60 minute card on 9/4/2007, NOT 60 MINUTES as the post at the top of the page says!! STICK WITH 55698 ON A 60 MINUTE CARD!!

General George said...

57660 on my Motorola C139: DID NOT WORK WITH A STOREBOUGHT 250 UNIT CARD!

Carl & Carolyn said...

Code 53322 added 60 minutes and 90 days to my account when I added a 60 minute card to my new phone, ie I got 120 minutes AND 180 days

Andy said...

Where do i find my PIN??

Andy said...

Where do i find my PIN number on my phone

ladyalthea said...

53322 added 60 bonus mins to my 60 min card today. ANDY your pin is the code to add mins and is found on the cards you buy. Are you looking for your serial numb?

Andy said...

This is the same Andy i forgot my password. It says enter PIN after i enter my promo code

druebesam said...

Code 55698 only added 20 bonus minutes to my 60 minute card on 2/5/2008.

amanda said...

Code 53322 got me 75 bonus minutes to my 60 minute card!

Jaye said...

I used this code 55698 today and got 20 extra minutes. Thanks General George. 20 is better than none right? Be sure to visit my ebay store at;

ning said...

Code 53322 added 250 bonus units to a 200 minute card I bought today at the Office Depot.

Lisa said...

Code 53322 still working on February 27 2008 thanx

cohassett1 said...

Code 53322 still working on March 6, 2009; added 90 minute card on a dbl min for life phone and got 60 extra min with this code

Pam said...

Used 53322 today and got 60 bonus minutes on 60 unit card.

Patrick said...

14938 is legit. It adds 60 mins for a 60 mins card. pretty cool.

Patrick said...

14938 is legit. It added 60 mins for 60 min card. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

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