Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tracfone Promotion Code

I got the tracfone promotional code from a friend at Tracfone. The promo codes will get you a $20 bonus (80 units). So when you add a minute units card to your tracfone, this promo code will give you an ADDITIONAL 80 unites!

Tracfone units are equal to 25 cents. So every unit is .25. A 120 unit card costs $30, though they can be found cheaper if you search around.

The promo code is 45tf98

Tracfone lists the number of minutes you get as units for 2 reasons. The first reason, which is great for consumers, is the units are easier to keep track of, as opposed to doing math every time you want to know how many minutes you have left. The main reason, though, for the use of minutes is that tracfone knows 120 units sounds like a whole lot more than 120 minutes, and it sounds a whole lot cheaper than 25 cents a minute. Tracfone is very expensive as compared to other pre paid cell phone providers. Virgin mobile only charges 18 cents a minute on their lowest plan, which is 7 cents cheaper a minute. Boost mobile is also cheaper, but virgin mobile has some great monthly plans that make minutes as cheap as 5 cents apiece! You can even get free nights and weekends with virgin mobile as opposed to tracfone!

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Stacey Walinski said...

I thought all tracfone promo codes where 5 digits long. Yours is 6 and how do you enter letters