Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tracphone vs Virgin Mobile vs Boost Mobile

Tracphone is one of the oldest prepaid cell phone providers and one of the largest. But sometimes the oldest and biggest isn't always best. Tracphone's prices are still a little outdated and high, though they have excellent customer service.

For price, your better off going with virgin mobile. Their customer service is not as good, but like tracphone they often run some really good promotions, and often have some great free phone deals.

Boost Mobile, on the other hand, is more appealing to younger customers, but their phones are expensive compared to tracphone or virgin mobiles phones. The phones they offer, though, are high quality and are equal to phones you would find at a normal cellular phone provider, as opposed to the other prepaid cell phone providers.

When looking for a prepaid phone company, you need to consider what you want:

-If you want an established company that revolutionized the prepaid industry, and don't care about price, give tracphone a try

-If you want a lot of promotions and freebies, cheap phones, and great rates, check out virgin mobile (and check out the promotions at

-Looking for a cool phones, and a cool service? Then get a boost mobile!


Syddysmom1 said...

Tracfone's customer service is not great! It sucks. No one speaks english. and they are not current with the promotions. Therefore you think you're going to get extra free minutes per the rep. You activate and you don't. The reps are very very hard to understand. They need to hire more people who speak good english.

GeoMaine said...

I just bought a w376 from TracFone and it's a pretty sweet phone - especially for a company well known for POS phones. I paid full retail ($49.99) and it also automatically comes with a 'double minute card' which normally retails for an additional $49.99 - with a 200 minute card now doubling to 400 minutes (all your minute cards double for the entire life of the phone) you're now paying just under ten cents a minute; that's even less per minute than TracFone's sister company, Net10, my usual preference for pre-paids.

It's got a decent enough camera and (FINALLY!) bluetooth. Lemme say that again. It's got bluetooth!! The speakerphone sounds good, calls are clear and from the outside it looks better than most pre-paid phones.

Cons: Naturally the phone is limited (er, severly crippled to you and me... But what else is new?) since trying to connect it to your computer to download/upload pictures and upload ringtones is a big fat no-go. Printing VIA bluetooth also can't be done and the FM radio insists on being connected via a hardwired headset, even when mated to a made by the same company that makes the phone Motorola bluetooth stereo headset. Storage room for pictures and ringtones is decent enough (but not stunningly great) and the user interface is overly plain and somewhat cheap looking.

My biggest complaint so far is not being able to stop today's date from showing up on the screen. (You'll see what I mean) but turning the time from digital to analog is a nice touch since it puts the clock in the far bottom right hand corner.

I'm near famous for dumping my pre-paid phones when the minutes/time expire (I have the attention span of a fruitfly and needless to say, never plan on having a two year contract phone ever EVER again) but this phone? I plan to keep it! I even bought a case for this one. ;)

zbikenut said...

I recently purchased a LG 225 with the one year 400 minute card for $100. I got a great phone and when I added the card I used a Tracfone bonus code from

I ended up with 1120 minutes 300 bonus minutes from the code.