Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tracphone free minute codes

Tracphone, unlike the other prepaid providers, really don't put out that many promotions. On occasion, you can find some great deals at walmart for extra minutes for free.

No promotion code is necessary, just keep an eye out for package deals at your local walmarts. I've seen promo's and coupons for "Buy 120 units, get 50 free" and similar advertisements!

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Anonymous said...

Get 400 Tracfone Minutes + 1 Year of Service for only $55 - Worlds Cheapest!

BionicSam said...

sO YOU THINK THATS HARSH? to call tracfone and net10 cust service morons, they are mow-rons! Try calling them and shut up and let them read their stupid manual of instructions titled "Steps to help customer"It goes like...Turn on your tracfone, ....can you hold for 2 minute? yes? 10 min later ok Turn on your tracfone...already did...ok I am going to help you now did your phone come on? yes...duh?! I'm sorry "I need to go (wipe my but),can you hold for 2 minute", whatever,"ok I going to help you now can you hold for two minute", Yea I guess SO, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WHY DO YOU KEEP PUTTING ME ON HOLD? (NEVER ASK ANY QUESTION THEY CANNOT THINK FOR THEMSLVES this is what happens-reboot)..."ok sir, I going to help you now.... Sir ,...can you turn on your phone..starts reading their book all over from the start if you ask any question they start over every fing time they are mow-ron the fing moron dumbfks are so stupid,I have tried and tried starting after I have had my meds its the same everytime doesnt matter who answers they can not logically think, no brains to do anything but read the help slow. dont waste your time you are on yiur own,and they will not give you lost minutes back never gonna happen you call back in 24 hours, yes right who you gonna call. dead brains? and start over from the beginning, you will be eating your family for dinner after tracfone finishes with you, I did.
a tracfone customer for 8 yrs.4-2011 hope you enjoyed my posts they are 100percent true.